A Cool Camping Craft for Kids (and Adults!)

boat craft flower

BOOOOOOOM! has kicked off a fun tiny boat-building contest that will keep your kids busy while you're camping (or hanging out anywhere in nature -- even the local park!).

The goal? Be creative and build a little boat from materials found in nature (even better if you can make it float). Have fun. Win a prize!


Regardless of whether or not your kids (or you) want to enter the "Little Drifters" contest over at  Booooooom!, this is a fun and challenging little nature project. What fun!

If you do want to enter the contest, here’s what to do:

  1. Gather some pieces of driftwood, twigs, leaves, berries, dandelions, pine cones, feathers, pretty much anything that can be considered “natural.” (No plastic, metal, or paper, etc.)
  2. Build a little boat using only these natural materials!
  3. Stick your boat in the water, give it a little push and snap a photo of it. They want photos of your creation floating in water!
  4. E-mail your photo to: submit@booooooom.com with “Little Drifters” in the subject line. 
  5. A prize will be awarded for the best Little Drifter photo submitted!

The deadline to email in your photos is Monday, July 26th.

Here are some of my favorite little boat craft examples from their site:

feather boat craft

stick twig boat craft

leave twig boat craft

Does this look like a fun craft project for your kids?


Images via Booooooom!

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