New Teen Danger: Digital Drugs

Bong of the future?
You can get high on music. No, really, you can get high on music. Your teen's iPod may soon become the new bong. It's called i-dosing, it's legal, it produces the same effects as marijuana, cocaine or opiates (so they say), and lots of kids in Oklahoma are doing it.

Kids find an online dealer who hooks them up with “digital drugs” that get you high through your headphones, according to Wired's Threat Level. Even iTunes is selling this music.


I just listened to a digital drug called Gate of Hades while staring at a picture of a scary devil goat. It sounded just like a dreaded vuvuzela that never stopped, so I turned it off after 10 seconds. It did not make me high, it gave me a headache. But I'm sure a teen in the right frame of mind and a will to be rebellious might feel ... something.

I'm not sure I would confiscate my child's iPod over the possibility. But officials in Oklahoma are taking it seriously. They worry about digital drugs becoming a gateway drug to the real thing. One school district sent a letter to parents warning of i-dosing's dangers, and the Bureau of Narcotics produced a public service announcement on YouTube.

Frankly, I think Kenny G and Celine Dion do a lot more harm.

Image via Roberto Garcia Fadon/Flickr

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