5 Tricks to Make the Kids Clean Their Own Room


Lost sock bucketNiecy Nash recently joked that she had children precisely because they can help her keep the house clean

All kidding aside, don't you hate those parents who moan that their house is a mess because of the kids but never actually require the kids put anything away?

Convincing the kids to clean up means working with them to show them HOW. And then making it easy.

1. Lost Sock Bucket. There will be no lost laundry if you buy them their own hamper, and this one is a shoo-in (or should we say sock-in) for making them hop to it.

bedside saddle2. Bedside Saddle. End the fight over too many books in bed -- and the requisite pile on the floor come morning -- with one place for everything they'll need come nighttime. Feel free to tell them if it's not in the saddle, they can wait until morning.

storage locker3. Storage Locker. No more pencils, no more books all over their floor if you take a page out of the high school playbook with a locker with a door. This gives the illusion of privacy, but the lack of a lock means it's still good for teens.

dollhouse storage4. Dollhouse Shelves. It's not cleaning up when you're arranging your dollies in their playhouse, or is it? Oh you tricky so and so.

boon bag5. Animal Bags. No one can sit down until the stuffed animals are back in the Boon bags, er, bean bags?

Do your kids enjoy cleanup?

Images via Inklore ($36); Kangaroom Storage ($12.99); Target ($149.99); Amazon ($177.73); Amazon ($47.65)

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APeve... APeveteaux

Ohhhh, the bedside saddle is EXACTLY what my daughter needs.

jeann... jeannesager

It totally works; it's solved a major problem in our house with all those books!

Pnukey Pnukey

My kids never had the option of cleaning up. We use the rule, "You make the mess, you clean the mess" and they've understood that since they were 2.  They may not ENJOY clean up, necessarily, but they do it.

ethan... ethans_momma06

These are very cute ideas! We have started what I dubbed 'The Floor Wars'. Sometimes we get a lot of helping cleaning up... sometimes not so much!

tazdvl tazdvl

Cute ideas

frysh... fryshannon34

I always have a problem getting the kids to clean,every now and then they will have cleaning spurts though

tonya... tonyalynn

my daughter has recently started cleaning her room, but she just throws everything in the closet.

Carey... Carey2006

Um...he goes thru stages......sometimes he's real good about then others he pulls that I'M TOO TIRED TO CLEAN UP....well, so am I...LOL

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