'You're Cut Off' Recap: 7 Ways to Make a Spoiled Princess Break a Sweat

Jaqueline gets the hand from Jess during the gals' not-so-Kumbaya campfire
It was all about "Fun on a Budget" this week on VH1's You're Cut Off. That's if you think fun is watching bratty women in high heels hike into camp and women in diamonds dig potty holes. Pretty fun, huh? And if that's not fun enough, watch them call each other "fake whore," "hound dog," and "ghetto princess" out in the wilderness.

Uh oh, ladies, what will your benefactors think of this bad behavior?

Yep, the girls have to go camping overnight, and things get pretty heated. How heated? Keep reading to find out.


7 Ways to Make a Spoiled Princess Sweat

  1. Tell her she's going camping because, as Jess said, camping is "like a horror film" for spoiled princesses. And because, of course, she'll wear high heels for the hike into camp.
  2. Make her turn on a gadget. Yep, Gia, who did almost no campsite work besides seriously flexing her power trip as this week's VIP, managed to break a sweat blowing up an air mattress with a battery-powered inflator. That "on/off" button is a tough one, Gia.
  3. Teach her to fish. I think the self-sufficiency "teach a man to fish" lesson was lost on Leanne who, after her fishing lesson said, "You know those type of restaurants -- they're like five star and you get to pick out your own fish. That's the kind of fishing I like to do."
  4. Tease her with cute wilderness boys. Now I know Erica told us, "I got Botox injections under my arms so I don't sweat." However, I'm pretty sure I saw a hot and bothered glistening when she couldn't get any of the wilderness helper boys to sleep over at camp. Better luck next time, Erica.
  5. Make her gather firewood. As Jaqueline walked off to gather a few more sticks for the campfire, she said, "This is the most work I've done in my entire f***ing life." We believe it, Jaq.
  6. Sing "Kumbaya." I thought Jess was going to blow a head gasket when drunk Erica, Pam, and Jaqueline started singing around the campfire. She and Jaqueline have a sophisticated battle of verbal blows like "You're not that hot!" and "I hate you!" A fired-up Jess says, "If she was wood, I'd throw her in the fire." Cool down there, Jess. So violent.
  7. Fail her. Erica, Gia, Jaqueline, and Jess were all in the hot seat this week. They failed and are not on track for graduation. Not good, ladies.

Next week...the ladies serve the homeless!

Did you watch this week? Was it fun for you?


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