You Don't Have to Be a Helicopter Parent to Put Your Kid in a Bubble

body bubbleThere are few toys that you'll pull out at your kid's first birthday party and at their wedding too.

Why bubbles haven't been inducted into the National Toy Hall of Fame yet is beyond me.

But I have noticed a drop-off in bubble play sometime in the young kid to tween years, before they start cropping back up in the form of bubble machines at teen parties.

I was bemoaning that loss of easy summer play until a birthday party last year where my daughter was introduced to the body bubble.


It's exactly what the name implies: a giant wand stuck in the same soap as those little pipes makes an equally giant bubble ... around your body.

They're hard to do, but that's the fun in it for the kids, even the "I'm too cool for this" tweens.

In fact, my child has been begging me for something like her friend's giant wand (seen above being used ON my child) for the past year.

You can make one out of a huge loop of heavy-duty string or a few coat hangers tied to a pole, and Monkey See suggests using a hula hoop to wrap it around the kid (you can get the exact how-to online).

Not up for crafting? The Wild Creations store currently has the Mega Bubble, a version that comes from the Science Museum toy line, for $24.99. It has an actual base that holds the bottom of the bubble, making it easier to keep the bubble shape even when it touches your kid's body.

Have you ever made body bubbles?


Image via Hilary Smith

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