Top Big Kid Stories: Big Kid Clicks

teens jumping swimming water lakeJust now getting adjusted to your summer schedule? Still trying to catch up after last week's holiday weekend? I know I'm still doing a little of both.

If you're behind on your reading, here are the top ten Big Kid stories you missed over the past few weeks. From mom fights, a ban on BFFs, and a strange new testicle-harming trend between boys to the release of the new Karate Kid movie (loved it!), Warren Beatty's daughter's sex change, and one mom's marijuana cookie "cure" for autism, here's what you missed.


Last month's Top 10 Big Kids stories on The Stir:

  1. Mom Fight at Kindergarten Graduation, Two Arrested
  2. Selena Gomez Clothing Line -- SNEAK PEEK!
  3. The Seventeen Magazine Project: 30 Days, One Teen, Everything She Learned
  4. Sewing With Children: An Inspired Mom/Daughter Project
  5. Sack Tapping: Boy Loses Testicle in This Dangerous Game
  6. Mom Feeds Autistic Son Marijuana Cookies
  7. Warren Beatty's Daughter Plans Sex Change & Daddy Is Devastated
  8. Abby Sunderland: Teen Sailor's Disappearance Scares Moms Everywhere
  9. No More Best Friends Forever: Will Schools Call It Quits for BFFs?
  10. The Karate Kid 2010 Premiere: Move Over Jaden Smith, Here Comes Willow Smith

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Which headline are you going to click on first?


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