A Gorgeous Real-Life, Kid-Friendly Home

Andrea of hula seventy

I was so inspired by the Show & Tell Home Tour I saw over at Cafe Sheri's Home&GardenBuzz, I had to share. Whether or not you are someone who lives for home decor, or if you're the mom who wishes she had a little more of the creative gene in her, this will totally inspire you too.


Andrea Jenkins or girlhula of hula seventy, a woman Cafe Sheri describes as a "creative mama, photographer, collector, and blogger" shows off her comfortable, beautifully sun-lit place, and incidentally gives real mom advice on how to personalize everything in the home--and make children's things a key part of the look. Andrea's own kids are 8 and 4, and her house makes living with kid stuff actually...nice. I can't say it enough, check it out! Tell me what you think.

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