'You're Cut Off' Recap: Mirror, Mirror on the Wall, Which Spoiled Princess Will Take the Fall?

Chrissy You're Cut Off woman mirror

Crazy Chrissy strains to see her ugly insides.

In this week's "Inner Beauty" episode of VH1's You're Cut Off, the women struggling to hold on to their benefactors' financial support are forced to remove their makeup and think about what makes them beautiful on the inside -- you know, the kind of beauty that doesn't cost $70,000 a year to maintain. Yeah, that's the stuff.

We get to witness a few breakthrough moments and one spoiled princess gets the boot -- or should I say, gets the designer stiletto?


Life Coach Laura Baron bursts the girls' ego bubbles when, after treating them to a photo shoot in which they're allowed flaunt their best pretty princess power, she takes them to a Buddhist Temple to be schooled by some monks. Yep, what's the best way to torture a self-obsessed princess? Make her wear a shapeless gray robe and sit quietly in a room full of men who don't even notice her.

Gia says, "I feel fat" the minute she puts on the robe. "I'm not wearing no $1 sandals. I'm gonna go out with my heels."

Crazy Chrissy doesn't get it, "Maybe some of these other girls are ugly on the inside, but not me. I'm beautiful on the inside. I don't need no lesson on no damn inner beauty." (That's not what your grandma says, Chrissy).

Erica experiences some really deep thinking, "All I can think about is the monk's robe is cuter than my robe, and I wish that I could be wearing it right now."

Chrissy and Jess run out of the meditation ceremony. They can't stand sitting still with themselves, I guess, and who can blame them?

After the temple visit, in which some of the ladies including Gia (!!!) feel a little enlightened, the women must take all their makeup off for a second photo shoot and face themselves in the mirror. Most the girls are able to take a good look in the mirror and, after a few moments of picking apart their physical traits, recognize their positive attributes including strength, loyalty, compassion, beauty, and good boobs.

Erica is mystified, "Without my tiara and without all my jewelry, I definitely feel more vulnerable."

But the breakthrough moment comes when Gia can't even look at herself in the mirror. "There's a lot of things that I'm not proud about," she says. "If I can pay somebody to do it, then that's my way out of it. I pay my way through a lot of things." Wow, she's finding out she can't pay off her emotions or the repercussions of the emotional black hole she's been trying to keep vacant.

The last one up to the mirror is Crazy Chrissy (who is so much prettier without makeup, by the way) and she just bristles Laura and won't get real about anything on the inside. Later, because Chrissy continues to opt out of all the lessons and refuses to be open to growth, Laura sends her packing. Yay, sometimes people do go home on this show! Chrissy cries packing her stuff (it's true; she's alive!).

All the women pass this week and Gia makes Very Improved Princess (VIP) of the week. Jaqueline and Pam, mad about Gia's win, plot a house takeover.

Next week, Laura, that brave soul, takes the princesses camping. Oh dear...

What'd you think of this week's episode?

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