'You're Cut Off' Recap: Spoiled Brats Get Jobs, Show Signs of Humanity

hookah woman Gia VH1
All work and no play leads Gia to the hookah!
First of all, why didn't anyone tell me VH1's You're Cut Off got moved to Monday nights? I waited two extra days to watch, and I didn't have to.

In this week's "She Works Hard for the Money" episode, in order to prove to their benefactor's that they can change their spoiled ways, the ladies must learn what it means to work and earn a living. And then they promptly learn to spend that earned living on spa services. Yep, more big life lessons this week.


Here are the highlights from this week's episode:

The women whine A LOT about writing a resume.

However, they all got their resumes done except Princess Whiner Gia (who didn't want to use her "pretty hands" to type) and Princess Lazy Chrissy (who can't possibly look in her compact mirror constantly and type all at the same time).

Even Erica managed to complete a resume without use of her Dad's secretary and Jess, too, who sighed and growled audibly a lot and said, "I got fired from 90% of my jobs." Alas, the resume was easy for do-gooder Jaqueline because "I spell good."

Gia smokes hookah to relax over job woes.

Gia had to head out for some much-needed hookah de-stressing after just *thinking* about having to get a job. "I don't need a job. I'm rich" (exhales smoke).

The women interview and then go to work in a shoe factory. Aside from the irony, so much to laugh about!

When Chrissy met the team's head hunter for the first time, he introduced himself and then asked, "And you are?..." To which, Chrissy responded, "Well."

On Day One of the job assignment, Chrissy then missed the minivan because her makeup and hair weren't done to her high standards.

Later Pam complained about her envelope-stuffing task in the office of the shoe factory because it was boring and so "mandune." That's right. Mandune.

When Erica was assigned to be the manager of the women at the shoe factory, Gia huffed about and said,  "I'm forgetting the alphabets right now. That's how mad I am."

Erica is a broken record.

If Erica said "Because I'm in law school" or "Because I'm the manager" one more time ... (neck-wringing motion).

Gia adjusts the ridiculous outfit she wore to work in a factory.

A belted, off-the-shoulder top, a strapless bra, and leggings are not appropriate attire for a factory. Mostly because, apparently, they all ride up constantly.

Jess has a spray tan orgasm.

After a hard day's work, the women get to pick a spa treatment to spend their whopping $70 earnings on. Jess, a true New Jersey girl, almost has the big "O" immediately upon seeing spray tanning is an option.

In the spray tan booth, she really lets loose and lives to tell about it. "I'm getting sprayed and it feels as if somebody's spraying me with 14 karat gold sex. I'm like 'Spray me. Douse me. Make me happy.' (whispers breathlessly) 'Spray me.'"

A few women might actually be human.

While Leanne is enjoying her hard-earned spa treatment, she is moved to say, "It feels nice to work for something." Awww. I love Leanne.

And later, in a special meeting with Life Coach Laura Baron, Jess breaks down about the emotional walls she's put up since her father died suddenly of a blood clot in his lung.

When arch rival Erica gets named Very Improved Princess (VIP) of the week, Gia cries really hard in her bed and then runs from the house.

Yep, there are actual living, breathing, hearts-beating people inside these spoiled bitches. Human people! I don't know what to make of it. I would have bet all the money they spend on handbags that most these ladies were completely dead inside.

Can't wait for next week when the ladies have to GASP! take off their makeup and get their photos taken au naturale. Looks like a real life changer.

Are you watching You're Cut Off? What'd you think of the jobs episode?

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