Mom Fight at Kindergarten Graduation, Two Arrested


women fight boxing brawlA fight between two moms, and possibly others, interrupted a kindergarten graduation in Victorville, CA last week, and two moms were arrested.

Nice, moms, real nice.

The two moms who were later arrested -- Marina Vargas, 29, of Hesperia and Queiona Burt, 31, of Victorville -- allegedly got into a brawl during the kindergarten graduation at Puesta Del Sol Elementary School in San Bernardino County.

The fight ended up in a nearby field, but the women took off before police arrived. The cause of the fight was still being investigated. The two adults were later arrested, based on anonymous tips phoned into the sheriff's department.

As a consequence, no parents were allowed to attend the sixth grade graduation the next day.

Could you imagine if your mom got into a big scrap at your kindergarten graduation, let alone with another mom? How embarrassing.

Ever seen a fight break out at one of your kid's school event?


Image via moron_noodle/Flickr



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Paula... PaulaJo276

Ignore the picture.  It is not of the graduation, it was taken at a "White Trash Party" ( I am embarrassed that there even is such a thing).  Those of you who called the mom's at the graduation "white trash", may be jumping the gun, if, indeed San Bernidino is becoming "ghetto".

After coaching T-Ball, I not suprised at the action of these mom's, but I am appalled and,, yes the school acted stupidly.


firen... firenicecream

Nice. Send 'em to school so they grow up and become what... like you? Hmmmm...

nonmember avatar Al

As Jay Leno said he is not mad at brawl but the graduation of Kindergarten was the funny thing in the first place LOLOLOLLol, now patents can proudly say my 3 years old son just graduated lol

Pnukey Pnukey

Wow, that's awful! The moms should be embarrassed, but the school should not have banned parents from the 6th grade "graduation."  

Of course, having a "Graduation" for kindergarten and sixth grade is totally ridiculous, but that's another story...

Carey... Carey2006

Nope...not yet

huggi... hugginonem

My heart goes out to their children, everyone their, and the 6th graders. Where on earth could they learn that this is exceptable?

Unfortunatly, their kids will probably be the 14 year old at the beach that threw out an f bomb every few minutes. His mom was there, but after a dozen verbal insults (also calling someone near by retarded) I ask him to watch him mouth as I do not allow that kind of language around young children. I could only imagine what I would have said to these moms.

Our society is getting pretty comfortable with just ignoring this type of behavior out of fear of what may happen if they speak up. What message does this say to our children? That we have to allow others to treat us this way and that we shouldn't stick up for our beliefs.

Ron Nussle

The report says two 29 year-old adults were arrested. They might have been 29, but they sure as hell weren't adults.

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