The 'Day & Night' Pixar Short Film: A Great Reason to Take the Kids to 'Toy Story 3'

Day and Night short film Pixar
Day and Night
I admit I sort of dozed off during Toy Story 3 (movie theaters make for such good napping; the dark room, the air conditioning, the occupied children ... you get the picture); however, I'm so glad I was wide awake to see Day & Night, the wonderful short film from Pixar that kicked off Toy Story 3. This short (and the nap) made the whole trip worth it.


The 2D characters Day and Night express their personalities and emotions by showing off the 3D worlds inside of each of them. Where Day shows the sun, Night shows the moon, and so on. At first, the two dislike one another for their differences but in the end, you guessed it, they begin to appreciate and adore each other's differences.

It's a sweet story with a great message for kids too.

Take a look at this video on the making of Day and Night.

Did you see Day and Night yet? If so, what did you think?

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