4 Shower Curtains With Smarts for the Teen Bathroom

periodic table shower curtain bath tub
Periodic Table Shower Curtain
Are you doing everything you can to protect your teenagers from summer brain drain? Well, why not smarten up their bathroom with one of these mentally stimulating shower curtains from Urban Outfitters?

I think these shower curtains are pretty genius. The only thing I ever learned from a shower curtain is how fast pink mold can grow on it -- so wow! Looky here ... science, mathematics, vocabulary, and foreign languages. These are four really smart shower curtains.


pi shower curtain SAT words shower curtainperiodic table shower curtain bath tub japanese language shower curtain

Keep your teenager's brain functioning even in the bathroom this summer. Maybe all that steam or hot blow-dryer air will help the knowledge seep right in, and they'll actually learn something in there.  

Four Smart Shower Curtains at Urban Outfitters

Pi Shower Curtain ($38)

SAT Words Shower Curtain ($28)

Periodic Table Shower Curtain ($38)

Learn a New Language Shower Curtain -- in Japanese, French, and Spanish ($28)

What smart stuff would you like to see on a shower curtain?

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