'You're Cut Off' Recap: Money Can't Buy You Style (or Class)

Crazy Chrissy

Tuned in to "You're Cut Off" this week hoping someone was finally going to get kicked off. But then realized they don't kick people off this show. Good god! Don't kick them off then, but please, someone, give them all a good kick.

The "Dress for Less" episode was pretty much the Chrissy and Jess show. In other words, the show proved what selfish, rude, clueless people they are.

Thank god, Perez Hilton and celebrity stylist Sam Saboura made an appearance and shut Chrissy down a bit.

Chrissy's bad behavior makes me flash back to Episode 1 when her own grandma said, "If she wasn't my grandchild, I wouldn't have nothing to do with her." I see her point now. And I hope Chrissy gets CUT OFF.


Before the lesson of the day outing, Very Improved Princess (and life coach's pet) Jaqueline tries to assign chores, but of course, Gia, Chrissy, and Jess decline from their beds while everyone else cleans the house.

Leanne and Erica swap hair extension stories and swear to be BFFs forever.

The day's lesson, taught by celebrity stylist Sam Saboura, is to show the girls they can't tell the difference between what's expensive and what's not. And that's easily proven when they can't pick out the expensive dress, jewelry, champagne, etc. when they're side by side super-cheap versions. Loved when the group actually picked ground hot dog over an expensive pâté.

Sam defines the word "thrifty" for Chrissy (who thinks thrifty was just the name of a store and is being crazy disrespectful to Sam) and then asks the girls to talk about what they're used to spending on clothes: Amber says $70K on clothes last year, Gia's running up about $3K a week, and Erica ups the ante at $10K a week.

Now the girls must head out in three teams and create a daytime look, an evening look, and a look for a male model -- all at two discount stores with just $300 total.

While Jess talks about the "disease-ridden clothing" she imagines in thrift stores, Jaqueline has a light-bulb moment, "Maybe I could spend a little less money." Wow, you think? And Leanne learns something life changing: "I never really knew that you could buy shoes that don't cost at least $800." It's true. You can!

The girls must bring their final looks down the runway for Sam, as well as guest judges snarky Perez Hilton (yikes!) and TV Guide Network host Adrianna Costa.

Team 1 with Pam, Erica, Amber get a thumbs up for being "resourceful" but a thumbs down for Erica's crotch shot. Sam told Erica, "Seeing your beav all over the runway, I don't know about that."

Team 2 with Chrissy, Leanne, and Jaqueline get the "cheap!" thumbs down. Perez reminds them, "It's about dressing affordably but not coming across as cheap" before he (thankfully) shut down Chrissy and her insane bitchfest.

Sorry, Chrissy, money can't buy you style or class.

Team 3 with Gia, Courtnee, and Jess present three complete looks and impress the judges. Perez says, "You all look money, honey!" -- and they win!

Back at the house, the best spoiled princess fight ever breaks out between Erica and Leanne (BFFs for what? four hours?), and it goes something like this:

Erica: "Leanne, we will never be friends again."

Leanne: "I don't care."

Erica: "You need Botox."

Leanne: "You need more Botox."

Erica: "You're fat too."

Later the two make up over a their bad memories of eating disorders. Leanne gets VIP for next week. Jess gets slammed for her attitude (and shows more attitude in protest), and Chrissy is shame-shame-shamed (but I'm not sure she noticed since she can't see past her own face in her compact).

Stay tuned until next week when the girls have to get (gasp!) jobs!


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