First Day of Summer: 5 Fun Ways to Celebrate Outside

girl flowers black eyed susans summerIt's the first day of summer, so it's official. Until it gets way too hot out there, we need to urge our kids to enjoy the best of the season, which means lots of fun outdoor activities and playtime.

Sure, they're going to be lured by the easy charm of TV, video games, and texting, so it's up to us as parents to equip them for some outdoor fun that isn't "boooorinnng!"

Here are five ways for kids to celebrate the official start to summer and get outdoors and play.


This list comes down to five fun summer essentials: imagine, eat, draw, water, and play. Sounds like a nice way to spend summer to me.

sailboat sailing boat toy

1. Your kids will have hours of fun (while you read a book perhaps) sailing this Skipper Sailing Boat ($29.95) from Imagine Childhood around the kiddie pool. Skipper Yachts are guaranteed to sail! 

children's picnic table umbrella

2. Delicious and fresh summer meals are meant to be eaten outside. Your kids will enjoy many kids-only meals at this lovely Children's Picnic Table with a shade umbrella ($114.99) from Target.

sidewalk chalk art supplies

3. Never underestimate the ongoing joy inside a bucket of Sidewalk Chalk ($7.95), via The Land of Nod. Love these large DIY chalkboards Amy at angry chicken made for her kids to use in the backyard. Oh, the masterpieces they'll draw all summer long ...

spray bottles squirt water4. My boys will play for hours with a simple squirt bottle: watering the garden, cooling off, cooling each other off. Super Soakers can be fun, but these last longer and are easier to refill, which means more independent play outside. Set of three Trigger Spray Bottles ($5.75) at Amazon.

kids badminton set

5. Lawn games like badminton are fun, active games for children. This two-racket Wilson Kids Badminton Kit ($19.95) at could lead to some great competition in the backyard.

How are you celebrating the outdoors on this first day of summer?


Images (top to bottom): Lin Pernille Photography, Imagining Childhood, Target, Land of Nod, Amazon,

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