LEGO Games: The Board Game You Make Yourself

LEGO gamesI have a low tolerance for board games with my daughter.

Not old enough yet for my kind of games -- Scrabble and Trivial Pursuit -- we've been limited to a rotation of about two I don't consider mind-numbingly irritating.

So the news that LEGO has started putting out a line of games was intriguing.


The brand needs no introduction. Although I've confessed my newfound love of Playmobil, I'm still a LEGO fan for the pure thrill of placing a toy in front of my daughter and letting her actually work with her hands, work her mind, etc.

That's missing in most board games. It's a box of stuff all put together.

And although there's rolling dice and flipping cards, I think my problem is most are pretty passive.

Add the LEGO touch, and the game becomes engaging from start to finish. They actually have to build the board for their game, then play it.

Even better -- at least according to my husband, who played with our daughter on the new RACE 3000 game ($19.99) sent to The Stir -- you can actually customize the game as you play.

Over at AlphaMom, the LEGO games have struck a chord for the opposite reason -- they love board games, but couldn't engage their kids in game play because they'd prefer to play with the bricks.

Does your family have a family game night?


Image via LEGO Store

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