Free Rainy Day Kids' Activity: Mud Baths!

muddy kidsHere's the scene: It's raining, and you don't really feel like paying to take your toddler to yet another movie.

Worse, they've got a playdate planned this afternoon, so you'd have to pay for both kids to go to the movies or put up with them systematically destroying every bit of reorganizing you've done all morning.

It's time to save your money -- and your sanity -- and kick them outside.


Yes, Mom, just let them play in the mud.

What was that shriek? It's dirty?

One of my favorite photos of my cousin J.P. and me from childhood shows the two of us as toddlers. Although both blonde-haired and blue-eyed, we are brown from head to toe, with just bits of blonde poking out at the top.

My mother, rather than freaking, apparently rushed for the camera because there's a whole roll of the two of us grinning through the mud splatters.

Moms pay big money for mud baths at the spa, so why are we so freaked out by letting our kids get down and dirty in the backyard?

That's what they made hoses for! And there's nothing muddy kids like more than turning a hose on one another.

Unless it's diving back into the mud.


Image via Theresa Arzilli/Nellie Sweet

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