Mama, Is It Summer Yet?

Mama, Is It Summer Yet book Nikki McClure
$17.95; Rare Device
Why, yes, yes, it is summer. School is out for many children already and getting out soon for the rest of us.

Celebrate the seasonal changes into summertime with your kids by reading Mama, Is It Summer Yet?, the new book by artist and author Nikki McClure.


This book is a fun summertime read for the early reader but can be enjoyed or read by older, elementary-age kids too. When you're finished, you'll have fun discussing all the visual and sensual signs that point to summer days ahead in your neck of the woods.

Never, not once, have I been disappointed in the lovely poetic, paper-cut illustrated, and nature-focused books of Mama McClure. Love her work, and my kids do too.

Are your kids all ready for summertime?

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