5 Cool School Fundraisers That Will Kick Wrapping Paper's Butt

school fundraisingThe end of school is coming, and it seems like there's a mad dash to get our cash.

School fundraisers suck.

I'm sick of buying $20 rolls of wrapping paper and bars of chocolate that my big butt doesn't need.

Can we convince our schools to give some of these cool school fundraisers a try?


1. Good Clean Funds. This company is owned by a friend, so I'm a bit biased, but Good Clean Funds has a list of green products for families to buy -- real stuff that we can use that's also good for the environment. From those cloth grocery bags to hand sanitizers, this stuff won't languish in your closet.

2. CSA Box. My colleague Sheri Reed's favorite fundraiser collected cash for a box of fresh produce from the local CSA -- opening families in the district up to new flavors and helping local farmers. Talk about a win/win!

3. Amazon Associate. Just like websites can sign up for an association with Amazon, school districts can too -- so all district parents need to do is shop for what they'd buy anyway to make some money for their school. There's no buying junk, and no sending your kids door to door to make collections.

4. Loyalty Cards. Whether they're for a local restaurant that devotes a portion of the proceeds from one night's meals purchased by parents with the card (or flyer) in hand, or cards sold by the school that give you discounts at local shops and restaurants, these are a nice way to make money for the school without loading your house up on useless stuff.

5. Silent Auction. Another way to avoid stocking up on stuff you don't want, you can actually pick WHAT you bid on and how much you pay. Even better: It's a night out for the family and a chance to meet other families in your school.

What are your favorite school fundraisers?


Image via Good Clean Funds

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