Sewing With Children: An Inspired Mom/Daughter Project

Despite numerous 4-H sewing classes as a child, I'm not much of a seamstress. It's mostly straight lines and an occasional experiment with the zig zag stitch for me. But, I know many of you are whizzes with your sewing machines, and I wanted to share this terrific idea for sewing with children.

Talented mother-of-five, Katy Dill, has a daughter with Project Runway visions, so Katy came up with a plan. She had her daughter draw some sketches of outfits she would like to wear; then Katy took one and interpreted it in cloth.

Take a look at the fabulous finished outfit after the jump.


This is how it went down. Katy's daughter drew thumbnails of dresses, a couple of skirts and a shirt. (Katy said she liked seeing what was floating around her daughter's mind. I like that too.) The one Katy chose to actualize was a flower covered dress with leggings.

Didn't it turn out adorable? And apparently, Katy's daughter is super proud that she designed it. I would be too.

Katy didn't use a pattern (aren't you jealous of her mad sewing skillz?), but that would definitely be an option. Just match up the drawing with the pattern catalog as closely as you can. Other notes: The tab actually has no buttonhole on it -- the button is for looks. There's just a big snap on other side.

I think the bloomer leggings are my favorite part. They look so fun!

As I said, I'm not much of a seamstress, but it would be fun to hire a sewing genius to interpret one of my own kid's fashion drawings.

Photos by Katy Dill.

What about you? Do you have the sewing smarts to pull off something like this? Would your kids enjoy this kind of activity?

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