Real Housewives and 4 More Shows I Never Want My Daughter to Star In

little girl dancing
Flickr photo by Mike Baird
Did you ever watch The Real Housewives of New Jersey and think, Oh Gawd (remember, it's Jersey), their mothers must be so embarrassed?

I think we all raise our daughters with the thought that we want them to grow up to be anyone and anything they want.

But when your tween daughter spots Miley Cyrus doing her pole dance and says, "Mom, she's soooo beautiful, I wish I could be her," you wonder where exactly you went wrong. And if you're overly dramatic (guilty), you experience a FlashForward type moment that's heavy on the raunch and your own red face. 


I love my daughter so much that I never want to see her on any of these TV shows:

1. Real Housewives ... of anywhere. Let's just get it out there. These women are CRAZY! From Teresa's impulse control issues to the train wreck that is Danielle, I don't think I could afford the therapy bills -- for either of us.

2. 16 and Pregnant. I have applauded MTV for putting real faces and real consequences on the problem of teen pregnancy. That doesn't mean I want my kid to be America's what not to do story. Let's double wrap that sucker.

3. The Biggest Loser and/or Losing It With Jillian. No knock on people trying to turn their lives around, but if my kid has that kind of problem with her weight, you know where they're looking: at the parents who created an unhealthy attitude toward food.

4. The Bachelor. Gee, nothing sounds more enticing than watching my daughter ditching her self respect to cat fight it out for a man's affections. And now for the coming attractions: a gander on

5. The Bachelorette. If fighting with other women for a guy isn't bad enough, she can turn around and give her heart to the one guy in 25 who doesn't make a complete ass of himself. Those are some high standards for a sperm donor son-in-law.

Do you cringe when your daughter watches reality TV?

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