'You're Cut Off' Recap: 'We Are Not a Hazard to Society!'

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Take the drama queens from the 'Bad Girl's Club' and raise them with loads and loads of money and never make them lift a finger, and you have the self-proclaimed "princesses" on VH1's You're Cut Off.

The premise: What happens when nine divas with filthy rich benefactors are stripped of the lavish financial support and lifestyles they're used to and forced live in a middle class house together with a life coach whose job it is to help them find their souls?

Yeah, good luck Life Coach Laura Baron ... and let the drama commence!


In the premiere episode, we meet nine spoiled rotten women. They all think they're being celebrated on a new show for their extravagant lifestyles and find out the truth when their credit cards are declined. Video messages from their supporters, mostly their parents but a husband in Gia's case, tell them they're officially "cut off" until they prove they can change.

The women are then shuttled off in a minivan (Jaqueline: "I have never in my life been in a minivan!") to a middle class neighborhood and a middle class house where they will live together for nine weeks. Their first difficult task: Reduce the contents of their luggage into one large duffel bag. This is their first test to see if they can make a decision about what's essential. Craziest "essential" things that made it inside the house: a hookah pipe, a French maid's outfit, and lots and lots of designer handbags.

I must say the ladies and their panicked commentary upon hearing that they'd have to cook, clean, and live together in small quarters had me snorting lemonade through my nostrils. These are nine of the most belligerently privileged, out of touch women I have ever encountered. It's hard not to think their classic and clueless lines aren't scripted. Here are some of the best quotes:

Gia: "I don't even know what color my kitchen is!"

Jaqueline (through her entitled tears): "I've done everything right and I deserve everything I have!"

Jessica: "What about the drug addicts on the side of the road? We are not a hazard to society."

Erica: "I don't know how to clean, and I don't know how to make a bed. I know that sounds weird, but I've tried and I literally can't figure it out."

Courtnee: "My closet's bigger than this whole house."

Leanne: "My housekeeper doesn't even live in houses like this."

Other highlights included nine women trying to figure out how to open a box of wine. Also, Pam's obvious lie that she's an "investment banker" on Wall Street while the other women ask her if she's really a prostitute. Then there's Gia's guiltless explanation about how she doesn't change her daughter's diapers and didn't breastfeed because she didn't want to be woken up in the night. And, of course, the aggressive "pillow fight" when Gia smacks Jaqueline (and accidentally Pam) for telling her to shut up.

Should be interesting ...

Are you watching You're Cut Off? What did you think? Are you learning 'what not to do' as a parent?


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