Green Family Vacation: 5 Baby Items Repurposed for the Road

road trip
Flickr photo by Chovee
The words "family road trip" don't have a green ring to them, do they?

When we got in the car for a 2,000-plus-mile road trip from New York to Disney World in Orlando, I was putting my blinders on and refusing to face the fact that we were going to be burning a lot of gas in order to give our toddler a dream trip.

But a quick review of all the old baby goods we repurposed for the trip, and I've got one part of the green mantra down: Where you can't recycle, you reuse!


First up are the old spit rags/cloth diapers, which I've already shared here on The Stir are my can't-fail favorite cleaning rag in my house.

I should've mentioned that goes for the car too, where they work wonders to soak up backseat spills quickly. They're also great for throwing over the top of your GPS/iPod and other valuables when you park at a rest stop and have to leave the car. No one thinks twice when they think it's a dirty diaper.

But they play second fiddle to some of the other lifesavers:

On-the-go travel formula and snack dispenser: This was for putting little Cheerios and those puffy things in when my daughter was a baby. Now it's in lieu of one of those little daily medicine containers while we're on the go. Each person in the family had their own sizable space to store their medicines (in my daughter's case, her vitamins), they have a tight closure so there's no fear of the medicine getting all over, and the different colors make it hard to mistake whose is whose.

Snack trapper: With the little handles and the reach-through lid, these were great when my daughter was first learning to eat on her own. Now they're perfect for toll booths! The lid keeps our money from rolling onto the floor of the car, but the lid allows the driver to reach a hand in and grab the cash.

Travel placemats: Even in nice hotels I feel strange letting my daughter sit in the tub. But as a toddler, sometimes that's what she needs. The layer of a placemat between her hind end and that tub gives this germaphobe some relief.

Teethers: Save on ice -- pop these in the freezer before you leave or at your hotel, and throw them in your cooler to help keep your on-the-road drinks cold.

Do you reuse your baby stuff?


Photo via Chovee/Flickr

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