A Jeep the Kids Can Drive

Jeep bike
Photo from Jeep
I never realized how much of a Jeep culture was out there until we bought one of our own. 

Before that, I'd pushed a Jeep stroller because it tested well in the store; not because of the name.

Little did I know there was Jeep clothing. Jeep outdoor gear.

Jeep bikes?

Yes, your elementary schooler can drive their own Jeep.


In fact they've just added the X-12 Dual Suspension Bike to their lineup, and fascinated by this newfound group of which I've become a de facto member, I wanted to check it out.

It's a rockin' little ride -- the perfect size for a young rider who's just learning to balance on training wheels (included in the box) but made to look like something rough and tough like the big kids' wheels. 

Searching for a new bike for my daughter, the already assembled rides at our local Wal-Mart seemed flimsier than I remembered, not made for riding off the road where most little kids go on their day-to-day.

The Jeep X-12 ($59.97) wasn't at our Wal-Mart, but it's online where reviewers gave it a thumbs up for their boys (one mom's only complaint: her daughter wants one now).

If your car's maker made a bike, would you buy it for your kids just because?

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