Kids Learning About Nature: Make a DIY Field Guide

girl child nature path walkSummer is a great time to explore the wonders of nature with your children.

But why not make your next walk in the woods or through the fields educational for your kids by helping them to create their very own personalized field guide to animals, birds, flowers, plants, and trees.


DIY field guide: Here's what you'll need:

  • Computer
  • Color printer
  • Spiral-bound notebook
  • Scissors
  • Glue stick

Before setting out on your next nature exploration, sit down with your child and begin discussing the things in nature you might see. Have your child guess what he or she might come across on your outing, depending upon whether you're headed to the ocean, mountains, or flatlands. See, we're making them use their noggins already.

Come up with a list of about 10 natural wonders they hope to see and then go to your computer and print out color photos of each one. Help your child cut out and glue them on the pages of the notebook and write the name of the animal, plant, etc. below the photos. You can leave every other page blank to allow for space for field notes: the date viewed, animal behaviors, and things you learned by watching. Your child may also want to do a little research when you get home and write in some facts and information too.

The DIY field guide is not only a fun way for your child to learn about nature, but a perfect means to collect the memories from these special explorations.

Where will you and your child go on your next nature adventure?


Image via Peajewel/CafeMom

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