Mom Blogger Katie Allison Granju Loses Teen Son

Henry Katie Allison Granju
Henry Granju
Photo from mamapundit
I've been closely following the blog of Katie Allison Granju since she began writing about her teen son Henry's traumatic injuries after a drug overdose and a severe drug-deal-gone-wrong physical assault.

As a reader on the outside and a recovering alcoholic myself, I worried openly about the addiction angle of Henry's story. Once recovered from his physical injuries, would he make it past his drug addiction? However, his physical injuries appeared unrelenting, and I saw that Henry was struggling over the weekend. And then I got behind on my reading for a few days.

Today, I burst into tears when I read that Henry passed away Monday due to complications from his injuries. Please send your thoughts and prayers out into the universe for Katie and her family.

What a sad ending here for this beautiful boy. My deepest condolences go out to Katie and her family.

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