Sack Tapping: Boy Loses Testicle in This Dangerous Game

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From the choking game to alcohol-soaked tampons, what fun games will teens come up with next?

Well, apparently "sack tapping," otherwise known as a game where boys "voluntarily" participate in slapping or punching each other in the testicles. Yep, folks, this game is all the rage these days, but parents ought to know that it can also be very dangerous.


Okay, I directly blame those idiot guys from Jackass for this latest extreme sport. Those dipsticks completely disrespected their testicles all the time and in very bad ways, and now look! The world of boys can't seem to stop treating their precious jewels so badly. Seriously, there are all kinds of YouTube videos showing boys and guys mistreating their nether parts in horrible ways and laughing about it.

Remember when Steve O dipped his testicles in cement? And how Johnny Knoxville almost lost his testicles doing a stupid stunt? And didn't the Jackass guys invent the lovely game of Nut Ball, in which the guys sat in a circle in their underwear (with targets painted in just the right spot) and threw a racquetball at each other's, uh, well-placed target? Ouch!

Poor sacks!

And taking hits to the crotch or groin is also dangerous, boys. According to news reports, this odd game can and has resulted in significant injuries. One boy even lost a testicle! In this ABC News piece, Dr. Scott Wheeler, a pediatric urologist in Minnesota, says he's seen an increasing number of young boys coming in with serious damage to the testicles because of a "tap" gone wrong.

He notes that it's not a bully thing: "It's kids doing it to their friends." He suggests that parents share the dangers of such a game. "Parents need to talk to their kids about this, and hopefully that will have an impact.”

Now I know boys will be boys and all, but they need to show a little respect for their bodies the bodies of other boys too. Ouch! Respect the sack, guys. That's all I have to say.

Have you seen or heard about "sack tapping"?

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