Supervised Kid Fights: A New Parenting Trend?


kids play fighting
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Kid fights happen, just check out You Tube. But should parents encourage them? Actually organize and supervise a fight club them so they can stop the inevitable before the loser gets beaten to a pulp and needs serious medical attention? A lot of parents do this for drinking alcohol. They say kids are going to do it anyway, why not let them drink in the safety of their own home, with no cars or keys around to risk serious harm.

A few cuts and bruises.

An upset tummy and a headache.

What's the difference?

There is one major one. It's illegal for anyone under 21 to drink. To the best of my knowledge, it's not illegal for anyone of any age to enter into a voluntary fight. Assault and battery is illegal, yes, but wrestling around the ground is not. Drinking also raises the risk of this little thing called addiction ... but I'll let you go off on that tangent and get back to the fighting.

There's yet another reported case of organized fighting, this time to settle a playground score. This one is all the way down in Hobbit Land, New Zealand.

Kids have been taking to fighting in the streets, so a few parents have been organizing backyard brawls. Both cases were -- surprisingly -- girls!

While police investigated the cases, they admitted that they weren't sure it was an illegal offense and didn't press charges. When the case involves parents and their own children, apparently it's a grey area.

Now, two teachers organizing a fight club among students at school -- in the classroom! -- without the parents' permission ... that's a different story. That happened recently in New York City, and that was all sorts of wrong wrong wrong.

I know it may sound sick to many of you. From an early age, we teach our kids "fight with your words, not your fists," but in my own experience, some of the words that come of out kids' mouths these days hurt a lot harder than a few quick blows. So, in a weird, imprecise kind of way, I think this might make a lot of sense, too.

What are  your thoughts on organized kid fighting?

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chris13 chris13

organized fighting is not a new trend. anyone who who has thier kids inrolled in karate classes or fencing classes or even hockey classes should be familair with the idea. making it organized should make it a task and not as apealling to kids who want to  chalenge  the parents. it is like a parent yeling out the back door you have 5 minutes to finish up before dinner where 2 kids are fighting. suddenly a fight has turned into a chore. like any other sports activity there should be medical release forms and clear understanding of the limits and rules.

tv does give the impression that fighting is a sport. look at the show ultimate fighters and wrestling. kids will fight with siblings and friends alike. most of the time, the fighting is done in a pretend play. knight doing battle, star wars, etc.


clean... cleanaturalady

I don't like this at all.  Not one little bit.

shami... shamillionaire

Organized fighting is not new, parents posting it on youtube is. I am 29 and I grew up having boxing matches with my brother. We get into it so we put on the gloves and duked it out. May seem strange but I can take a punch and I am not afriad of things like alot of girls are. I wouldn't be afraid of the stranger approaching me from behind while I walk. I however would be planning my attack just in case. In many ways it made me stronger, and I am thankful for that.

Lokis... LokisMama

Hehe.  I grew up picking fights with the neighorhood boys and even now DH and I spar.  None of it was organized by our parents or anything, it was just we'd go out and beat the everliving crap out of each other.   It's not new, it's just gaining attention and people are freaking out about it. 

MomOf... MomOfJandM

My parents used fighting as a punishment.  If any of us kids were caught fighting they would tell us "If you're going to fight, do it right" and they would give us boxing gloves and send us out in the yard to fight.  They would yell at us "You wanted to fight with your sister, so go ahead, hit her!"  It sounds mean, but we never actually hit anyone that way.  We would be crying by the time my dad got the gloves out of the garage, and saying "We don't want to fight anymore".  It's a heck of a lot more effective than a time out. 

cheez1e cheez1e

Ha, I sent my kids out the other day, after almost a week of them being at each other's throats (not wanting to stay away from each other, but not wanting the other one close to them either). I finally got fed up of it and told them to go outside and deal with it, I was tired of hearing them yell at each other.

When I went out to check on them a couple minutes later, they were sitting around the side of the house playing. They told me they were just waiting for me to let them back into the house!

somet... sometimesitis

I would not "organize" it, but enough is enough.  My two fight like crazy.  They have never seen "fights".  They do not watch boxing, wrestling, etc.  But kids are gonna fight.  And they are gonna get hit.  My dd (5) knows how to take a punch.  And then she knows to take care of who hit her.  I don't want my kids to fight, but I promise you, at school, no one will bully them.  They know how to take care of themselves.  And they know that at home, too.  They are going to fight with each other anyway, so I would rather be there to stop it before it gets too bad.  =)

Mom2kyky Mom2kyky

I think it is absurd for any parent to willingly allow their child to fight another child!!!! Plain out ABSURD!!!! Violence is not the answer, especially when it comes to children!! What are you teaching them for later on in life.... If they get mad while working at the office, just go in and knock out their boss?!?!?! Seriously??? Ridiculous!!!! How could you actually teach you children that it is ok to fight??  You should be teaching them how to control their anger and stay calm in situations and talk through an argument without losing their temper!!!!

Mom2kyky Mom2kyky

By the way.... I was never in an actual fight, argument, yes, but all out fight... no, never....  And I will not raise my kids to think it is ok to fight!

KCorn... KCornett04

Anyone heard of the SCA. A medieval recreation group. There has been adult and child organized fighting(sword and wrestling mainly) for decades. As a previous poster mentioned there is also martial arts classes that are for children. It is nothing new. The only difference is that it is the parents running the show and there are no monthly payments.

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