How to Find a Book the Kids Will Read

Miss Brooks Loves Books
Photo from Random House
The kid who hates to read is my personal nightmare, but they're out there -- claiming they hate books, when the real problem is you haven't found one they like.

Yes, it can be a challenge, but they're out there.

Even if you have to compromise your values and pick up a bathroom humor piece of junk just to get them engaged.

Want a little push?


I picked up Miss Brooks Loves Books! And I Don't by Barbara Bottner recently to read to my daughter at bedtime.

The tale of an elementary schooler whose teacher is fiction-obsessed, to her utter chagrin, will ring true for parents' whose kids eschew the power of the written word almost -- it seems -- on principle.

But as Bottner's silly tale shows, the problem isn't books overall, it's that Missy is being presented again and again with material that fails to resonate with her unique sensibilities. Other little girls love fairies, not Missy. Other kids love cowboys, not Missy.

Let's face it: We let our kids pick their favorite colors, their favorite foods, their favorite clothes. So why not let them be choosy about their books?

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