Obama Girls: Life at 1600 Pennslyvania Avenue


photo by bsuarez913

Come next January, Malia, 10, and Sasha Obama, 7, will become the youngest White house residents since Amy Carter. Their current digs, in Chicago's historic Hyde Park, are nice enough one can only imagine, but what they are about to step into at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue is something else. A private bowling alley, movie theater, children's garden and a personal chef all comes with the territory. These girls will have the best of everything.


But for kids there can be a real downside to life at the White House, according to an ABC News Report on the Obama children's move to Washington. "In addition to following the rules their parents have already set for them -- including making their beds each morning -- Malia and Sasha will also have to adjust to life in a presidential fishbowl," they say. The Secret Service will follow them everywhere, all the time, including school. Imagine, at the end of this 4-year term, the girls will be 11 and 14 respectively. For all the once-in-a-lifetime perks that come with White House living, surrendering privacy at this age is still one hefty price to pay.

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