Fetus Dolls Handed Out to Elementary Schoolers With Pro-Life Messages

Flickr photo by xersti
The last thing I want my daughter thinking about in elementary school is pregnancy.

We don't even need to get into the abortion discussion -- pregnancy is not a kid's issue.

So why did a staffer at a Virginia elementary school hand out "fetus dolls" to the students, along with cards spouting a pro-life message?


This was a public school in Norfolk, and again I reiterate it was an elementary school.

Although such messages would be inappropriate in a public high school, at least the fear of teenage pregnancy might provide for some good -- albeit misplaced -- intentions.

Even as someone who is ardently pro-choice, I can see the desire to make prevention a motto where risk is involved. But despite the sexing up of our littlest girls, science alone is enough to keep them safe until puberty.

"Sqooshy" fetuses handed out to third, fourth, and fifth graders with pro-life placards are one thing only: propaganda.

Which doesn't belong in a public schoolroom.

My decision not to bring up the abortion debate with my daughter quite yet is simple: I'd prefer to keep her childhood free of political games for as long as possible.

She is aware of who the President is, who we voted for, even why we vote. One day she will learn the importance of Roe v. Wade and its impact on her life, her body. But girls are self-conscious enough about their bodies; allowing her a bit more time to enjoy hers is selfish, yes, but it's one time I'm comfortable putting the greater good to bed.

We will have this discussion soon enough. For now, let's keep this debate out of our elementary schools.

Is this a discussion you'd have with a third grader?

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