Charitable Birthday Party Ideas

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If you've ever endured the birthday party gift-ripping massacre, which ends in a mountain of toys that you wonder how you'll ever fit into the house (and really, how many of us haven't endured or witnessed this?), then you might want to consider a charitable birthday party this year. That's right. You can turn your child's birthday into a gift for another child in need.

Lisa Novick, cofounder of YesKidzCan!, is here today with two great ideas for charitable birthday parties.


Turn Your Kid's Birthday Party Into a Gift for Others

By Lisa Novick, cofounder of YesKidzCan!, the place that brings "giving experiences" into young kids lives.

If you're looking for a unique theme for your kid's birthday party, here are two suggestions for turning your child's party into a gift for others. 

My Stuff Bags Foundation

Consider supporting a wonderful organization called the My Stuff Bags Foundation. This group provides children who have been rescued from uncaring and even harmful households with new belongings packed in their very own "My Stuff" duffel bags. These bags include clothes, toys, books, and other items including a warm, colorful "security" blanket. These items help ease the children's transition to shelters where caring people keep them safe. Your party participants can make the easy "no-sew" blankets included in the duffel by using the simple instructions found on their website. Or, kids can bring a new, unwrapped children's item for a boy or girl to donate to Foundation. (Visit their website for delivery instructions.)  A birthday that focuses on bringing the comforts of home to children in an unfamiliar environment is truly a party worth having.

Birthday Wishes

Another great way for kids to transform their birthday celebration is by choosing to support Birthday Wishes as the theme of their own party. Birthday Wishes is an organization that brings birthday parties to children living in homeless shelters. Recognizing that all children deserve to celebrate their birthdays joyfully, Birthday Wishes was founded on the belief that the gift of a birthday party has the power to make homeless children feel both special and like "regular" kids despite their otherwise unsettled lives. Their website provides a template invitation that encourages guests to bring an item to donate. (This can be done either in lieu of or in addition to gifts for the birthday child -- it's up to you!)  Depending on where you live, you can drop off or ship the items from the party to Birthday Wishes. Visit their website for a wish list of items and donation guidelines.

Birthdays are such a special event in our kids' lives. Why not let the celebration reach less fortunate kids by adding a generous twist to your child's next party?

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