Childhood: When a Job Sounds Exciting

Frankly, Frannie
Photo from Amazon
Even in the worst of economies, the job market still excites our kids.

They're not thinking about unemployment, FICA, or the guy who doesn't respect the name labels in the office fridge.


Which is why I'm digging the new middle grade series Frankly, Frannie from A.J. Stern.

Frannie -- who changes her name frequently, but is currently going by Frankly because she has a tendency to sprinkle her language with "adult-sounding" words -- is a modern-day Ramona with a work-based bent.

In book one, this elementary schooler is angling for a gig at the radio station; in the upcoming sequel, it's on to working with animals.

A great series for kids who could use a little boost of motivation, the first Frankly, Frannie hits shelves this week.


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