'Single Ladies' Dancer Girls Have More Sexy Moves

Last week, our readers had a lot to say about the dance troupe of very young girls performing a sexy "Single Ladies" dance. Well, in case you thought this type of dancing was an isolated case for these girls, check out the below video of the same girls dancing to "My Boyfriend's Back."

[Sorry - YouTube has removed this video. Trust me, it was sexy.] 

girls sexy dance 7 year olds
Photo from Popeater


According to PopEater, Larry Peters, executive vice president of The Hozman Group and rep for the World of Dance competition, says the "Single Ladies" dance controversy has been blown out of proportion. He says, "I can tell you the cheering and screaming you heard on the video was from other parents and dance teams that were just blown away by their dance performance and precision. There was NOTHING provocative about what they were doing," Peters told PopEater last week.

Agree or disagree? And if you disagree, who's to blame here?

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