How to Get Justin Bieber Hair

justin bieber hair haircut
(in back) Cozy Friedman, owner of Cozy's Cuts for Kids,
with Fox News and boys with their Bieber haircuts
Several tween boys recently headed to Cozy's Cuts for Kids in New York City. Their goal: To leave the salon with "The Bieber" haircut.

But don't say, "Justin Bieber hair" out loud. While the boys love their finished looks, they really don't want to admit that's what they're after.

Read on for some tips from salon owner Cozy Friedman about achieving the teen star's famous hair.


Recently The New York Times reported that the Justin Bieber hairstyle is sweeping the nation. "The Fringe" style -- otherwise known as long side-swept bangs for boys -- has become a phenomenon for tween boys across the nation. Even the talented YouTube sensation Greyson Chance did several of the signature Bieber hair flips throughout his interview with Ellen.

According to Cozy Friedman, owner of Cozy's Cuts for Kids, the Bieber hairstyle is easy for kids to achieve at home.

"The most important thing is how it's styled," suggests Cozy. "Choose a product based on the thickness and length of your hair -- thicker hair should use gel, while thinner, shorter hair can use a styling cream. Try the So Cozy Stylling Gel or So Cozy Styling Cream.

"Start by brushing the hair from the top and sides completely forward over the forehead and ears.

"Then use your product and run hands through the hair from back to front, giving it a piece-y look and keeping it in place."

Does your tween or teen boy want Bieber hair?

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