Tree Climbing: Fun, Free Activity for Kids

boy climbs tree
Flickr photo by OakleyOriginals
My 7-year-old keeps asking if we can "get a tree" in our yard so that he can climb it. He doesn't quite understand that only time can bring you a good climbing tree. Unfortunately, our backyard planting area is really tiny, and our front yard's 3-year-old oak and maple saplings are growing as fast as they can.

I guess we're going to have to find an honorary climbing tree so my son can enjoy this critical childhood activity.


I loved climbing trees when I was a kid. I used to climb our front yard trees with bare feet and get all scraped up on my legs. It was totally worth it. My friend and I played up there for hours in our imaginary treehouse. We laughed and told secrets and stories and made things up. We carved our names (and boys' names) way up in the branches.

Here are some tree-climbing photos I love:tree climbing kids
Flickr photo by Wonderlane
tree climbing kids
Flickr photo by reggestraat

girl tree
Flickr photo by edenpictures

boy tree
Flickr photo by meigooni

girls tree limbs
Flickr photo by jakesmom

squirrel climbing tree
Flickr photo by jeffk

boy  tree
Flickr photo by martinhoward
Were you a tree-climber as a child? Are your kids tree-climbers?

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