Are You Team Playmobil or Team LEGO?

Playmobil My Take Along Princess
Photo from Playmobil
I never thought I'd say this: My LEGO love has been tested.

I've discovered Playmobil. Or perhaps more correctly, my KID has discovered Playmobil.

And the rest, as they say, is being stepped on as I go to the bathroom in the middle of the night.

They say that, right?


I'm hard pressed to figure out how, exactly, I missed these toys as a kid.

Apparently they've been around since the '70s. While I was all up in my LEGO love, there had to be other kids my age playing with these plastic play-sets.

All those fun (and downright strange) sets. All those bigger plastic pieces that are easier to piece together, harder to lose.

Fortunately parenting is a chance to enjoy a second childhood. Also known as a chance to play with toys.

So next to the giant bucket of LEGOs, we're building up our Playmobil cache.

Credit goes to a freebie sent to The Stir, it's true -- they've added on-the-go sets, and in honor of a road trip to Disney World, I couldn't resist throwing the princess set ($49.99) from their new My Take Along line in the car with us.

A chest that holds all the pieces inside it, it kept her entertained for hours without becoming a hassle to keep together. They have a host of other My Take Along picks -- the barbarian fort cracks me up -- that I'm eyeing for future trips, but I have a feeling this one will sustain us again and again.

Now that we're back from Disney after a stay at the Animal Kingdom Lodge, we pulled back out the African Wildlife Station to revive our safari memories -- and indulge our daughter's taste for animal adventures.

We're still LEGO fans, and stepping on either toy in the middle of the night is a bear for bare feet. But I'm having as much fun with Playmobil as an adult as I did with LEGOs as a kid.

Are you Team Playmobil or Team LEGO?

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