Beach Read: Ladybug Girl Is Back!

Ladybug Girl
Photo from Amazon
Kids deserve their beach reads too, and Ladybug Girl is guaranteed to be a stowaway in their suitcase this summer vacation.

The latest in a series for the 4 to 8 set that has become a bedtime favorite in my house, Ladybug Girl is the superhero alter ego of Lulu, an elementary schooler with a taste for real adventure -- the sort found in rescuing frogs and flying high on swings.

And in Ladybug Girl at the Beach, the new book hitting shelves today, she's, well ... I think you get the picture.


Even with her sparkly wings (one of my daughter's favorite features in the series is the raised sparkles on the cover of each book), Lulu is cowed by the giant expanse of water in the new outing from husband and wife team Jacky Davis and David Soman. 

Which sounds exactly like my daughter's first visit to the beach -- complete and total jubilation ... until we actually got to the water's edge.

In true superhero fashion, Ladybug Girl conquers her fear. It's the best sort of book for kids -- acknowledging fears are natural, then turning them on their ear.

Pack this in your beach bag Mom and Dad, you never know when you'll need a superhero's help.

Are your kids Ladybug Girl fans?


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