Little Girls Perform Super-Sexy "Single Ladies" Dance


girls dancers
Photo from YouTube
A controversial video of young girls (probably 8 or 9 years old) performing a salacious dance to "Single Ladies" in insanely sexy costumes is circulating the interwebs right now. Watch the video.

There's no question of the girls' dance talent ... but what about those hip-popping Beyoncé moves? And those sultry red satin can-can girl costumes?

Talk amongst yourselves: Cute or what the hell are their parents thinking?



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APeve... APeveteaux

Ummm, first of all Beyonce wore more clothes in her video than these little ones are sporting.

Not cool to sexualize little girls, no matter how catchy the song is or how talented they are.

5forj... 5forjulie

I'm gonna go with What the hell with those outfits ...dancing was a bit much for kids those ages. So not cool to sexulize girls that age.

amber... amberwriteslove

uhh.. what were their parents thinking!? yea it's great they have some dancing talent.. but not cool.. those outfits are barely there!

nonmember avatar cheryl

what the hell? just no. never! what kind of mom would? not my child. ever!  she dances and shakes her but, but like i said....never that!

2sweet78 2sweet78

WOW!!!! I think that maybe they were doing a lil too much for their ages. Nice talent and even the costumes would have been ok with a different song. So I am gonna have to go with what were their parents thinking.

MyKid... MyKidsYourkids

I agree with the other replies, too much for those little girls! However, I think that as a whole, our children are growning up much to fast, and that seems to be just how it is.  I love dancing and love to see children have talent  and enjoy sports dance etc, but just as a few of us disagree with the above show, there are thousands that would say Let them dance. I give the video a thumbs down for I think they are too young for this. I really do not like to even see dance like this with 13 yr old girls.

cayen... cayenaroja

I think the choice of song and what they're wearing is not appropriate for this girls. I do agree that children now are growing faster with all the information that is available for then but parents do need to really think what being a parent is all about. I'm not questioning if the children are talented or not that's obvious but parents have to have a  care of the situations we get our children to participate.

Spark... SparklingHope

It was all totally inappropriate!! The dance, outfits, the age..everything..Why did the parents of those little girls think it would be okay?? I don't get it!!

irish... irishdreaming

1st, these girls are amazing dancers!!

2nd, I did dance inAR (A Very conservative area) when I was not much older than these girls & wore out fits similar to this. And that was a long time ago.  And when I think back to the Madonna songs we danced to, it was just a step down from this.

I think people are over reacting

kelli... kelli0585

You'd be surprised (or not) at what those "competitive dance moms" would do for a win! 

It gets crazy out there.  I'm not surprised that an instructor or parent would reach this far.

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