Summer Vacation Dreaming: Keep Kids Focused at School

Flickr photo by House of Sims
Can you feel it? That hint of summertime and summer vacation in the air? Kids can too! They can tell that they're in the home stretch and summer break is almost here.

The key word here is almost. There are still a few important weeks of school left to go. Here are some tips to keep your kids focused as the school year draws to a close:


Stay engaged: While it's fun to talk about and plan summer activities for the family, parents need to maintain the school-day routine, keep bedtime on the early side, and stick to it until summer break officially begins. Continue to ask questions about school, assignments, and teachers. They might want to coast through these last few weeks -- don't let them! Encourage them to round out the school year with good grades.

Cut back on the activities: Warm weather brings soccer practice, baseball, swim lessons, and more time to be outside and active. Make sure your child has enough time to devote to homework and school projects first before adding on the extracurriculars.

Monitor computer time: Social networks, computer games, and search engines can eat up valuable time. Allow an opportunity to surf the web, but only after important school tasks are complete.

How do you keep your kids focused on school at the end of the year?

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