Lego Sets: 4 Reasons They're the Perfect Toy; $39.99
This weekend my husband and I went for a long overdue date night. Before we left, we bribed my son into compliance by promising him something new from his most favorite, beloved toy sets: Star Wars Legos.

Do I know how to put one of these Lego sets together? Ha! No. I can barely build a house out of Duplo bricks. But he can, and that's just one of the reasons we keep buying more.

  1. Legos are affordable. Yes, you can purchase the Death Star model for $499, but you can also buy a Lego key chain for $2.99 and everything in between.
  2. You can play with Legos again and again. My son can spend hours working on a model, take it apart the next day, and start all over. They keep him occupied, and I love to watch the intensity on his face while he's creating his masterpieces.
  3. Legos inspire imagination. Your kids get the satisfaction of building something really cool, and they get to re-enact scenes from the films when they're done.
  4. They grow with your kids. Younger kids can start off with the easier models and graduate to more complex designs well into the teen years. You really are never too old to play with Legos.

Do your kids still play with Legos?

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