10th Grade Seniors: Should Kids Graduate HS Early?


On October 30, while you may have been experiencing butterflies about the upcoming presidential election, New Hampshire education officials were busy changing high school as we know it.


On that day, plans for a new rigorous state board of exams to be given to 10th graders were announced, and according to a Yahoo news story, students who pass will be allowed to move on to the state's community or technical schools skipping the last two years of high school.

Why? The three cited reasons are: to guarantee higher competency in core school subjects, to lower dropout rates and to free up millions of education dollars.

Kids who want to go to more prestigious universities would be required to stay until senior year and take another exam. But critics warn that this program could create even more of a socio-economic rift in this country than already exists. A child choosing community college or technical school over a 4-year institution is almost certainly guaranteeing lower future earning potential. "You know that the kids sent in that direction are going to be from low-income, less-educated families while wealthy parents won't permit it," says Iris Rotberg, a George Washington University education policy professor, who notes similar results in Europe and Asia, reports Yahoo.

What do you think about graduating kids early into technical schools and community colleges?

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