Vaccinations: The 5-Year, Well-Check Meltdown of 2010

Flickr photo by woodleywonderworks
I am never doing that again.

Dear Husband: You are on notice! I will not go unaccompanied to another round of 5-year-old vaccinations.



Last year I took my son for an old-fashioned flu shot because I was leery of the FluMist's live virus. I explained that it was important to keep him healthy. Sure, he protested some, but when the time came, he dropped his pants, barely flinched, and happily went about his day.

Little did I know that this doctor visit for the shots that were required to start kindergarten would be completely different. I made the rookie mistake of waiting until after the doctor finished her exam before I told him we had to have shots. He looked at me in shock, disbelief, and then -- horror.

He wailed! He screamed! He pleaded! He begged me not to let the nurse go through with it. He thrashed around while I had to hold him down.

He cried. (He wasn't the only one.)

Looking back, I think if I had prepared him for the shots and talked him through it before we arrived at the pediatrician's office, he still wouldn't have been happy, but he may have handled it much better. I would've made him a sweet deal like going for ice cream -- the good kind -- and given him something to look forward to.

And I would've made my husband come.

How do you handle tough doctor visits?

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