Matchbox Launches Aircrafts

Photo from Matchbox
When I was a kid, Matchbox was the name on the bottom of 50% of my toys cars.

But The Stir just got Matchbox's new Sky Busters Aircraft Carrier Playset ($16.99), and I had to check the name twice.

Yup, it's the same Matchbox.


It seems they've taken to the skies since I was a kid!

Maybe I wasn't a hardcore collector and they were already there, but I had to share this one with my husband -- whose childhood dream was to be a fighter pilot (can you tell we grew up in the age of Tom Cruise as Top Gun not Top Couch Jumper?).

Our kid (who's technically too young for this set anyway) definitely wants one too!

The whole aircraft carrier includes only one plane (bummer), but there's space for toting a total of eight in it.

Did you play with Matchbox as a kid?

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