Big Kid Party Books

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If someone's having a birthday, my daughter automatically assumes a party is imminent.

Even if, like my friend Amy, you're in your 20s and actually spending the day at a concert in New Jersey.

So to nurse my daughter's feelings that she can't "go" to Amy's birthday, we hit up our selection of party books. Has this ever happened to your kids?

These will help.


Pink Me Up by Charise Mericle Harper: It's the day of girls only Pink Girls Pink-Nic. Only Mom is covered in pink spots, and as any little kid knows, that means it's the WORST DAY EVER. The story of Daddy coming to the rescue is a favorite in our house -- because Daddies can wear pink too (my husband does).

Cupcake by Charise Mericle Harper: This isn't a party book per se, but I've got Harper on the brain, and since it's about a popular party food, we're going with it. The story of a plain vanilla cupcake not feeling like he can measure up to the fancy sprinkled delicacies is like The Ugly Duckling for the pastry set. And it's good enough to eat.

Clifford's Birthday Party by Norman Bridwell: We gave this out as the party favor at a dog-themed birthday party a few years back, and my daughter still talks about the dog cupcakes I made when we read it. A story that focuses on the importance of friends and family over gifts, it's a good way to temper the gimme-gimmes.

What are your favorite party books?

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