6 Ways to Celebrate Arbor Day With Kids

Photo by Sheri Reed
Today is Arbor Day. If you and the kids aren't down for tree planting today, you can still celebrate this day of trees -- heck, take the Arbor Day party into the weekend.

Here are a few ways to celebrate "tree day" with the family!


6 Ways to Celebrate Arbor Day With Kids

  1. STOP THE CAR NOW. The glorious orchard photo above came about from my doing just that. I was amazed there wasn't a crowd for a sight this lovely. My kids even point out "beautiful" trees to me now. I love you, trees.
  2. Plant a tree or help out tree planters in your state. Don't be afraid. Trees are good for your health.
  3. How about some Arbor Day crafts?
  4. Take the kids for a nature walk. Get a tree identification book at the library or simply look up and take in some glorious trees! Lucky me -- nearby in California's Capitol Park, there are 450 different varieties of trees and shrubs! Go where the trees are in your neighborhood.
  5. Cover a tree with thanks -- make a gratitude tree in your yard.
  6. Save trees. Reduce your paper consumption all weekend and forever more. Use cloth instead of paper towels and napkins when you can, reuse the back sides of all paper that comes in the door, and bring your reusable bags to the grocery store.

So even if you can't plant a tree today, at least OGLE one.

How will you celebrate Arbor Day?

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