Robot Meets Operation Meets the Jack in the Box

Photo from International Playthings
Earth Day is over, but the green toys keep on coming in to The Stir.

And finally one caught my eye for varying from the "yay, we're 88% organic cotton/23% recycled plastic/recyclable if you pop my head off but otherwise exactly the same!" mold.

It's the old-fashioned robot meets the game Operation  meets the jack in the box -- and it's not electronic. 



In fact, Mr. Robot Head is what maker International Playthings calls ecotronic -- because they run as though electronic but with no batteries to replace. The packaging is all recycled/recyclable too.

But where was I? Oh yes, Mr. Robot Head ($32.99) is powered by a good old crank (think the jack in the box), with an Operation-like challenge -- to run a metal wand around the twisted antennae without getting too close and making the buzzer sound.

I'm a big fan of old toys back in my house, so I'll admit this fascinates.

Of course, having actual batteries has an advantage -- if the toy annoys you, you just refuse to change them when they die! Looks like Mr. Robot Head has foiled Mom's evil plot.

Are you anti-batteries?


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