Do You Make the Kids Clean the House?

Flickr photo by juhansonin
Handing my daughter a rag and a bottle of cleaner never crossed my mind, but a comment on a recent post about my all-time favorite cleaning product proved that cleaning rituals vary from household to household.

A reader pointed out eraser blocks shouldn't be given to their kids to clean the stove.

Which begs another question: "Who makes their kid scrub a stove?"


In her defense, the mom was talking about the front of the stove, the easy-to-reach spots that a parent might assign a toddler who really wants to "help."

I've done it too -- albeit never with a chemical cleaning product of any kind. It's good old-fashioned water and vinegar (or when I really don't need the "help," a dry rag).

In fact, the make-at-home, greener cleaning products -- which I also use as often as possible -- are the only things I'll let my daughter touch. Even past the "puts everything in mouth" stage, simply breathing in these chemicals puts their smaller bodies and still developing immune systems at risk.

That said, at 4, most of my daughter's responsibilities revolve around picking up her own toys, taking her dishes to the sink when she's done eating, and putting her dirty laundry in the hamper.

I want her to pitch in, but I'm wary of treating her like our servant. For the time being, I don't see any reason to put her to work at scrubbing the stove.

What about you? How much cleaning do your kids do?

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