Bad School Lunch Programs Bring More Cafeteria Protests

cafeteria trays
Flickr photo by back_garage
We can't thank Jamie Oliver (or can we?) for the recent high school student protest against school lunches in Chicago. I mean, we already saw these kinds of protests happen in Rochester and in Boston. However, it does sound like it's fast becoming a trend for students to boycott the crud they've been calling "lunch" for years.

I say down with poor school lunch programs -- don't let the kids be wiser than we are!


School heads nationwide, and even that cafeteria crew headed up by Alice on Food Revolution, go on and on that kids want the food they're serving. They want the pizza, macaroni and cheese, and french fries.

I know I very much wanted the deep fried burritos and the instant mashed potatoes or sticky rice covered in gravy with a side of hot buttered dinner rolls I had each day for lunch in high school too. But I also wanted to skip class, smoke cigarettes, sneak booze from parents, and loiter around with bad boys all afternoon. You don't see school reps leaping to cater to these idiotic and potential hazards to one's physical and mental health, do you? Lucky for me, these things weren't as easy to come by as the donuts, french fries, and sodas.

So this recent student protest and all the others that came before and will surely come after make me happy, especially the ones led by the students themselves. Of course, it's also embarrassing that it takes a teenager to bring this subject to light. I mean, seriously folks, why are any adults anywhere defending crappy school lunch programs? It's completely irresponsible.

Say it's hard, say it's expensive to serve fresh food every day to the masses, but please don't say unhealthful food is what the kids want and that's why we keep serving it.

What are your thoughts about school lunch programs? Are boycotts and protests by students and/or parents the answer to change?

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