Sesame Street, Disney Go Green for Earth Day

Photo from Sesame Workshop
Kids' favorite characters are used to sell them all sorts of things -- so why not something positive for a change?

Some of their favorite characters have gone green for Earth Day, so you can let them do the convincing that green is good.


Sesame Street Gardening Sets -- This season is all about My Garden Green and Growing on the show, and now you can hit the garden with Big Bird sunflower seeds ($1.99), an Elmo tote stocked with their own tools ($10.99 at Lowe's), and more Earth Day treats.

Photo from Global Way
Disney character shopping bags -- I forget the reusable bags in the back of my car constantly -- unless the voice in the backseat reminds me. And since Global Way sent a Disney fairies bag ($1.99 at Toys R Us) to my house, she's decidedly vocal about reminding me in the way only a 4-year-old can be.

Word Girl: Earth Day Girl -- Becky's got a new mission: Teaching her neighbors how to recycle and conserve. A book ($3.99) for the young kids, this reader will encourage them to turn off the tube to get a taste of their favorite superhero, saving a little electricity to help the environment.

I'll admit I'm not always big on the "yay, let's buy another product with their favorite character on the front," but I also realize that's just the kind of stuff that makes my kid happy. Which makes for a lot less screaming the backseat of the car.

If they're peddling positive messages, are you more inclined to buy the product tie-ins?

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