3D Movies or 3D TV: Are Your Kids Even Ready?

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I'll never forget the first time we took our then-5-year-old Clyde to see his first 3D movie. It was a safari film, showing at our local IMAX theater, and Clyde, my husband, and I were stoked.

But the 3D action wasn't all we had hoped for our kid.


First, there was a freezing cold windstorm down the corridor of the outdoor mall where we waited behind a line of about 35 school kids only to find out that our discount coupons didn't work for that day and time. Of course, we paid full price then. After the build-up! After the wind! After the wait! Of course, we paid some god-awful $15 each or something to get inside and get those glasses and see that dang safari in 3-friggin'-D!

Only so Clyde could refuse to wear his 3D glasses and I could fight in a whisper with him the entire 4,454-minute film because I thought that blurry-without-glasses, red and blue tinted movie was surely going to blind him for life. Just like reading by the campfire when I was a kid ruined mine.

No matter how many times I told Clyde how cool it was to see, he simply could not see it. For whatever reason, the eyes weren't doing what the glasses were telling them to do.

So take it from me, make sure your kid is ready before you fork out the cash for a 3D version like the current How to Train Your Dragon movie or stand in that 3-hour line at Disneyland. And if not from me, take it from an expert, like the President of the College of Optometrists in Vision Development. Dr. Brad Habermehl says, "Many children may miss out on all the excitement if they can't see 3D." See? It's true!

But rest assured, Clyde is enjoying 3D movies with the rest of us now. No special eye surgeries or therapies necessary. We just had to wait until his eyes were ready.

Read Habermehl's top three signs that your child may not be able to see 3D.

Has your child enjoyed a 3D movie yet? How old was he/she?

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